Organisational Culture and Its Influence

We always tend to think why learning Improve your organisation culture  Organisational culture is so important. Culture has always influenced our society and now it also influences an organization in good or bad ways. Any two organizations before signing any big deal with each other look into the background and the culture of the company. Potential business partners study the organization culture before making any strategic moves. Even valuation of business is influenced by the organization culture.

It involves various ideas, languages, beliefs. All implicit and explicit behaviors form the foundation for organization culture. The culture is mainly formed by the founder members of the organization. Hence certain values are enforced by seniors by setting examples and by propagating with the help of symbolic behaviors. This has a trickle-down effect in the organization and gets carried out to the grass root level.

Sometimes the organization are redefines its belief and thus a new organizational culture is formed. It is only taken to make the work in the organization more easier and also brings in progress. Cultural change takes a long period of time and its effects are seen over much longer periods. Hence it must be ensured that the cultural change process is proactive and continual.

And more importantly the culture affects each and every individual persona in any organization so it is the soal of an organization. A good culture not only makes organization a great place to work but also improves personal behavior of each individual. If a proper culture has been defined then people find it easy to get along with organization easily and in turn makes the goal of the organization to be achieved via its wall – its employees!

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